Pet Wellness Care

AM PM Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive wellness programs to help our patients achieve a lifetime of good health.

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Pet Wellness Care in Yorba Linda, CA

Our main objective is to prolong the happiness and health of your pet so you and your companion can enjoy many years of companionship.

Pet Wellness Care

During frequent exams, our veterinarians at AM PM Veterinary Hospital will monitor your pet’s overall health. They’ll also be able to detect minor health issues before they become major ones.

Because your pets cannot convey their requirements, it is vital to keep a regular schedule of medical examinations. As part of the checkup, our veterinary experts may do diagnostic tests such as blood tests and X-rays to assess your pet’s health.

Routine blood testing, urinalysis (urine testing), and other tests are recommended for older dogs and cats. Regular blood testing and urinalysis may be recommended for younger pets; the results will be compared as your pet ages. Routine checks enable your veterinarian to develop an overall picture of your pet’s health and establish baseline health markers. Examinations are also important for recognizing problems before they become severe, ensuring that your pet receives the best care. Our doctors recommend a complete physical checkup for a puppy, a kitten, and an adult dog once and twice a year for a senior pet.